Tips for meaningful intergenerational travel

Since today is Thanksgiving, a time when many families gather together with children, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents, I thought it appropriate to post The Meaningful Traveler’s Tips for Intergenerational Travel.

You can find this downloadable PDF on the Tips and Tools page along with other general Tips for Meaningful Travel and Tips for Meaningful Business Travel.

If you’ve ever traveled with more than one generation of family members or friends, you’ve probably realized that intergenerational travel has its unique challenges, rhythms and rewards. But never before has it been so important.

In an era when the “traditional” family structure is less common and where blended families are on the rise, intergenerational travel takes on even greater meaning. Traveling with children and grandparents or just people of vastly different age ranges can bond you together in ways you’d never experience at home. Sure, you learn a lot about compromise. But you also discover new ways of experiencing life that you’d never find any other way.

We’ll explore the joys and issues related to intergenerational travel in the coming weeks. But for now, sit back, stuff yourself on Turkey, and check out these Tips for Meaningful Intergenerational Travel. Even if you’re not planning on a trip with people older or younger than you, you might just find some useful insights for you own next trip.

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