The many faces of beauty

In the previous entry, I noted how fishing provides a great excuse to be in a beautiful location. Here are three additional photos from a trip to McCall, Idaho last year. They reveal that even the same area, in this case a stretch of the Payette River maybe 500 feet from one end to the other, can look very different as you move up or downstream.

The same thing applies to travel in general: a slight change of location can dramatically affect your perspective.

Fishing pool
Arrival early morning: Despite the dead trees from a fire a decade earlier, the river here proved to be a beautiful location and a great fishing hole.
Lily pads on a fishing river
Mid-morning: Moving upstream a few hundred feet reveals a different scene – and actually better fishing.
Grandfather and grandson eating lunch by a river
Lunch time: A few hundred feet downstream from our original location and the river looks very different, though the attention of my dad and son seems to be more on their lunch than on the surroundings.

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