God is in the details – Part 1

At this fair, one of the most memorable aspects are these wonderful scones. This simple image says more to us than a photo of the actual booth where they sold the scones.

Our visit to the fair last week also reminded me that meaningful travel and photography both benefit from a focus on the details.

The big vistas and group shots are helpful and essential. They provide context and reveal how things fit together.

But often, the meaningful traveler will find that the moments that stood out most on the trip or later in our memories come not from the big picture scenes but lie within the smaller vignettes and close-up images. 

This photo not only reminds us of our day there, but of the movie, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and the bandit hats. Thus, it makes us laugh whenever we see it. Meaningful? It is to us.

Here are some examples from our time at the fair. Are they the best photos from the day or do they tell the whole story? No. But they serve as icons, if you will, to remind us  of what made the day meaningful.

Remember: Sometimes you take photos or pick up souvenirs along the way that will only mean something to you alone. That’s part of the joy of travel and a reminder of how much God cares for each of us individually, as well as collectively.

Here's a typical overview shot. It helps those who weren't there to appreciate what this part of the fair looked like.
Details of the types of prizes you can win at the Whack-a-Mole booth add meaning and interest.

A detailed view of other toys and prizes at the fair.
Another view of the same toy trumpets. Which works best?
This image gives you the big picture view of some pigs…
But this detailed shot captures better the moment in a more personal way.

Finally, here's an image that captures both the big picture and detail. Note the guy with folded arms in the center right. His posture alone tells a story. (Click on the image to increase its size if you can't see the figure well)

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